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It’s not published by Furnace Press, but we’re going to plug it anyway: Tales of the San Francisco Cacophony Society is the new book edited by John Law, author of The Space Between. In the words of Last Gasp: “A template for pranksters, artists, adventurers and anyone interested in rampant creativity, Tales of the San Francisco Cacophony Society is the history of the most influential underground cabal you’ve never heard of. … The group inspired Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club and Burning Man and helped start pop culture trends including flash mobs, urban exploration, and culture jamming.” Scheduled for early 2013, it also includes two short tales by FP’s Julia Solis.

Here is the book info from Last Gasp.

San Francisco Book Launch

Hello San Francisco – we hope you can come out this Thursday, January 6, to see two of our authors present their fabulous books. Jonathan Haeber, who is celebrating the release of Grossinger’s: City of Refuge and Illusion, will be joined by John Law reading from The Space Between. Both authors will also show slides from their various explorations.

More information and the press release are below:


Chez Poulet Gallery
3359 Cesar Chavez St, San Francisco
Thursday, January 6
th, 2011 at 8 p.m.
$10 admission at the door

INFO: Two Explorers Present Books and Images from 30 Years of Infiltration History

San Francisco, CA – December 21, 2010 – John Law and Jonathan Haeber are a generation apart but they have a common interest. Their exploits have taken them from the top of the Golden Gate Bridge, to the depths of underground nuclear missile bases, to the now-dismantled Neverland Ranch. On January 6th at 8 p.m. the two aficionados of infrastructure and building hacking will talk about their books and present images from a combined 30-year saga of photographing and exploring the off-limits sections of the Bay Area’s built environment.

Law is best-known as a founder of such avant-garde San Francisco institutions as the Cacophony Society and Burning Man. He was a charter initiate into the Suicide Club, and recently published The Space Between (Furnace Press, 2008, ISBN 978-0-9772742-4-1).

Haeber has been visiting restricted and abandoned sites for over a decade. In 2009, his nighttime photos of Neverland Ranch were viewed by millions, gaining new meaning upon the death of Michael Jackson and the dismantlement and liquidation of the theme park. Haeber’s work has appeared in The New Yorker online, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, Der Spiegel, the San Francisco Chronicle, and National Geographic News. His book, Grossinger’s: City of Refuge and Illusion (Furnace Press, 2010, ISBN 978-0-9772742-8-4) tells the story of America’s most iconic Catskills institution – a city unto itself that has remained decaying after the 1986 bankruptcy of the pleasure resort.

“At the heart of what I do is a deep commitment to discovery and adventure,” said Haeber. “John has been a pioneer in redefining what discovery means over a century after Frederick Jackson Turner declared the death of the frontier, and I’m honored to be speaking with him.”

Law and Haeber will be presenting their images and signing copies of their books at Chez Poulet Gallery (3359 Cesar Chavez St, San Francisco) at 8 p.m. on Thursday, January 6th, 2010. You can also purchase the books directly from Furnace Press.

[Top photo: Jonathan Haeber, bottom photo: John Law]


We just heard about a nice review of Jon Haeber’s book on Grossinger’s…

His book, Grossinger’s: City of Refuge and Illusion, has been published and premiered last week.  Frankly, it’s brilliant.  His detail rich rendering and quiet reverence for this perishing icon are evident and meaningful.  I personally think the book is a much needed addition to anyone’s art book collection and certainly a perfect gift for those of us enamored with the romance of decay.

Thanks! For the full review, click here.

Decomposition Party!

Information about the New York launch of the Decomposition Series is now online here. Michael Cook and Andrew Emond will be traveling down from Canada and Jean Kahler and Jessica Rowe will also join us to present an excerpt from their book. We hope to see you there!